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    Not my classiest of titles, but hey, at least it paints a vivid picture. In this post we’re going to talk about the effects that the people who drive us the most bonkers in life have on us AND how we can take the power back (Rage Against the Machine style!). The way we can do this is by learning how to prevent these buttheads from taking control of our emotions. So, I’ll ask you to try an exercise and bring someone that drives you supremely berserk into your awareness. Is it your shitty boss who makes four times as much money, does half the amount of work and is not nearly as smart as you? Is it your best friend who is a total dick to girls but still gets to pork the hottest ones? What about your aunt who always wants to talk about religion and politics? Your sister-in-who won’t stop posting pictures of her shitty plastic surger’ied boobs all over Instagram? Or more generally, someone you don’t even know: i.e. the lady driving in front of you who picks up her cell phone and automatically decreases her speed by 20 mph. These are just hypothetical examples; now back to you and the person (or people) who make you want to projectile vomit hate chunks everywhere.Clear your head and bring these people into your awareness. Think about what they look like and how they dress. Think about how they carry themselves and what they say. Think about what their voice sounds like and even how they smell. Now stop and notice what’s happening in your body. Are you tense? Uneasy? Uber pissed because I asked you to think about this fart face? Is your heart rate picking up? Is your stomach in knots? If you experience any of these things, then you can see how much of an effect others can have on you. Point being: our intense reactions have an intense impact on our mood.