Hi, hello, welcome! If you’re new here, it’s nice to make your “e”cquaintance. My name is Tiffany Zlatich Tuttle, she/her, and I’m an author and clinical psychologist with a background in sociology too. I try to use humor to brighten life, I love animals, and I love people who are working towards growth. I believe growth is a wholistic experience, and when you invest in healing, work on feeling, and develop your capacity to think critically, then you, your relationships, your community and our entire world, get better. 

This website is where I post my writing on topics that are important to me. The information you find here is always designed to incite critical thinking. When you develop your ability to think critically you can elevate your consciousness, and a raised consciousness can manifest change, manifest action, and manifest results. I often say, “The deeper you go, the higher you grow.” This site is designed as a resource to help you do that.

Personally, I believe the emotional weight of the world we share and exist in together is colossal. In no specific order (making it alphabetized for organization, list is not exhaustive) I am concerned about animal rights and liberation, BIPOC community and rights, Black lives, child abuse, civil rights, developmentally disabled needs, domestic violence, environmental issues, foster children and youth needs, geriatric mental health needs, gun violence, homelessness and homeless kids, human rights, LGBTQIA community and rights, mental health accessibility, overpopulation, pollution, poverty, racism, sexual abuse, social justice, substance abuse and addiction issues, suicide, trauma victims, and women’s rights. I believe that while there is tremendous pain, suffering and ugliness in our world, it all coexists with hope and beauty. I know it does because I see you, I see me (I’m human too), and I see my amazing clients busting their asses everyday to heal and create change. When you work from the inside out, the world you want to be a part of is actively built. 

Be the revolution you seek, and the revolution will manifest. Power to you and Power to the People. Stronger together. Always. 

Thanks for reading about me and checking out my website. I am not accepting new clients now but that will change soon. For resources on where to find a therapist near you now, please visit www.psychologytoday.com.

Thanks again and peace! Peace!! Peace!!!

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    Not my classiest of titles, but hey, at least it paints a vivid picture. In this post we’re going to talk about the effects that the people who drive us the most bonkers in life have on us AND how we can take the power back (Rage Against the Machine style!). The way we can do this is by learning how to prevent these buttheads from taking control of our emotions. So, I’ll ask you to try an exercise and bring someone that drives you supremely berserk into your awareness. Is it your shitty boss who makes four times as much money, does half the amount of work and is not nearly as smart as you? Is it your best friend who is a total dick to girls but still gets to pork the hottest ones? What about your aunt who always wants to talk about religion and politics? Your sister-in-who won’t stop posting pictures of her shitty plastic surger’ied boobs all over Instagram? Or more generally, someone you don’t even know: i.e. the lady driving in front of you who picks up her cell phone and automatically decreases her speed by 20 mph. These are just hypothetical examples; now back to you and the person (or people) who make you want to projectile vomit hate chunks everywhere.Clear your head and bring these people into your awareness. Think about what they look like and how they dress. Think about how they carry themselves and what they say. Think about what their voice sounds like and even how they smell. Now stop and notice what’s happening in your body. Are you tense? Uneasy? Uber pissed because I asked you to think about this fart face? Is your heart rate picking up? Is your stomach in knots? If you experience any of these things, then you can see how much of an effect others can have on you. Point being: our intense reactions have an intense impact on our mood.



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    Hi everyone!!  How’ve you been?  Good?  I hope good.  Tell me good.

    So, a lot of people have asked me to write something about relationships.  Specifically, the ones where someone consents and allows you to penetrate a special orifice they have.  You know, the ones where you get to take the skinboat to tuna town.  I’m talking about “romantic” relationships that involve coitus here, people.  I don’t think I can adequately summarize all you need to know about relationships in a couple of pages, but I’ll try my best to at least pollinate some seeds of wisdom into your brain crevices.

    What does it take to get better at something in life?  Answer; it takes practice.  Whether it’s riding a bike, playing an instrument, or applying Juggalo clown make-up, relationships take practice.  Relationships also require patience, tolerance, dedication, commitment, and compromise.  People who tell you they never fight, or never disagree are either full of shit, cut-off from their feelings or have a one-dimensional relationship.  The truth is, it’s normal to argue and have disagreements.  Think about the people you love most in your life; your mom, dad, sister, brother, best friend, basement leprechaun who parties when no one is home etc. Don’t you sometimes disagree with these guys?  Don’t they sometimes piss you off ?  If you’re in touch with your emotions then the answer is yes.  Yes, they can make you bonkers and that’s normal.  Your partner falls into this category too because, ideally, you allow yourself to be close to him or her.



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    Thanks for making it to round two with me, guys!  As part of your journey toward increased enlightenment and self-awareness, I wanted to spend some time talking about a really important topic: feelings.  The relationship you have with your feelings is one of the most significant bonds you will ever have in your whole, entire, beautiful life.  Whether you realize it or not, your feelings have been around since day one.  They’ve been there for you through thick and thin.  They’ve helped you and protected you. They’ve even gotten you into some trouble (shout out to the premature ejaculators).  Your feelings have helped you mend that first broken heart, and all the rest that have followed, which hopefully haven’t been too many.  They’ve helped you prepare for conversations you’ve had with your parents that you weren’t stoked on.  They’ve prepared you for exams, presentations and interviews.  They’ve prepared you for picking your career and your partner. They’ve helped you choose your interests and hobbies and even the outfit you wore today.  So, since our feelings are deeply woven into our life experiences, it’d probably be a good idea to get better acquainted with them.  And, in case you’re not already besties with your lovely feelings, I want to help you stop with the fisticuffs and learn how to hug and high five ‘em. Because, the truth is, they’re pretty awesome and they’re begging you to hang out.

    Repeat as many times as necessary until it resonates: All your feelings are always okay all of the time.


Hi! I wrote a self-help book called Being and Awesomeness; Get Rad, Stay Rad. If you want to learn how to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled, less shitty, less dank, less bummed, and you enjoy low-brow humor, then this book is right up your alley. I've got a penchant for the irreverent and if you do too, you'll dig this book.

You can read about it below, purchase it for $5 right here (edit: sorry, all sold out!!), or download it for free by entering your email address.

Thank you kindly for your interest in my project! I hope you like what you read, and that it makes a positive impact on your life... I also hope that it makes you chuckle and snort a little sometimes.

Being and Awesomeness: Get Rad, Stay Rad is the first book by clinical psychologist Dr. Tiffany Tuttle, who has a private practice in Farmington Hills, Michigan. In her attempt to take the “sigh” out of psychology, Dr. Tuttle breathes new life into the field by celebrating self-help. She is unapologetic about her sense of humor and uses it to keep readers engaged so they can learn how to enhance their quality of life. Coming to terms with the past, understanding how early attachments influence today’s behavior, conquering depression and anxiety, increasing self-awareness, finding ways to boost motivation and actually follow through on making positive changes are among the topics Dr. Tuttle examines in this useful, surprisingly wise handbook.

Being and Awesomeness is for individuals 18 and up, whether they are current or former psychotherapy patients or think psychology is a hot pile of doo-doo. If you have an open mind, a desire to be the best version of yourself, and can tolerate hearing someone be called a shitbird, cunty, or a weenie in order to illustrate a point, this is the self-help book for you.

"There is a shared emotional suffering among us humans. We need to learn about it, accept it, and move through it so we can live happy and meaningful lives. This book has massive chunks of useful information with splashes of potty humor all mixed together. Consider it a toilet of enlightenment that will teach you how to flush your problems away." –Tiffany Tuttle, Psy.D

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